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 The races of the known universe

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The races of the known universe Empty
PostSubject: The races of the known universe   The races of the known universe I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2014 4:53 pm


Humans: Life span of 100 years. Origin Planet earth. Many settlements on many planets. Average child per single human- 4.

Tagerian: True apparence, unknown. Has the ability to appear as the species they are communicating with. It is unknown if this is a simple illusion, or if the species has telepathy. Very descreet race. Holds any and all secrets close it their chest. Big on trading. Life span - 300 years. Avarage child per Tagerian - 1

Aerion: First to make contact with the humans. In history, they take the role of Gods and heros. Towering Giants. Ability to shrink in size to communicate with other races. Humaniod in appearence.  Life span - 1000 years. Avarage child per Aerion - 1.

Cyborgs: Creatures of all races. Most limbs, organs and flesh has been replaced with mechanics. Used mostly as helpers. Avarage life span - Until broken. Avarage child - 0.

Loogone: Often mistaken as large, praying mantas like creatures. High intelligence rate. Appear from Eggs at full maturity. Avarage life span - 26 years. Avarage child - 0. Rate of hatching- 16 years. Avarage number of spawned - 20000.

Rachians - Dinosaurs. Old. First to call Earth their home. Mercenaries. Violent. A war between them and the other races long ago ended with a plague being placed on them, causing high rates of infurtility. No one is willing to reverse the effects. Avarage child per Rachian - -2 Avarage life span - 400 years

Alekian -  Look a lot like rats. See other races as abominations and rarely deal with them. High intelligence as a race. Have extended their life span from 150-300 using medicine and other implants. Avarage life span - 300 years. Avarage child - 2

Mocktiles - )  Slow. Easily manipulated. Basically a race devoted to servitutde. Mostly Farmers. Avarage child - 1 Avarage life span. - 30 years

Avonian - Believed to be the first race to ever set foot in the universe. Not much is known about them. They have not been seen in centuries and are now believed to be nothing but myth. Avarage child - ? Avarage life span - ?
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The races of the known universe
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